Woven is a skateboard documentary that takes a look into the heart of skateboarding and the icons of the culture. Some of skateboarding’s most influental skateboarders, artist and musicians share their thoughts about the lifestyle, the art, the music, and their personal outlook or opinion about life. Woven digs into the mindset and perspective of those who defined skateboarding and the culture surounding it.

Featuring: Lance Mountain, Ed Templeton, Chris Pastras, Steve Olson, Dave Hackett, Ron Cameron,Mike Watt, Ray Barbee, Eric Dressen, Chuck Treece, Christian Hosoi, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado, Jamie Thomas, Steve Caballero, Jim Houser, and Thomas Campbell.

Film production started in 2006. It has been a work in progress, but we are in the final stages of completion.  Look to see Woven released in 2014.   Check back for updates or check out www.wovenskatefilm.com


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